Two Blacks Murder Schoolgirl In Miami For Her Shoes


MIAMI – Two men are charged with the murder of a South Florida high school student during a shoe robbery.

Miami-Dade police arrested Adrian Cosby and George Walton, both 19, early Sunday and charged them with Tuesday’s slaying of Andrea Camps Lacayo and the wounding of her boyfriend, Sergio Berben.

According to the Miami Herald, detectives say Camps, 18, and Berben had agreed on social media to sell Cosby and Walton three pairs of Adidas Yeezy sneakers for $935. Pairs of that shoe are selling for up to $500 online.

The deal was set for outside an abandoned house. Police say as the couple sat in their car, Walton approached alone and asked to try on the shoes. Detectives say Cosby sneaked up on them and opened fire, hitting Camps and grazing Berben.

Camps, the captain of her high school’s dance team, died in surgery.

Police say they located Cosby and Walton by going through the victims’ social media communications. They say both confessed, with Walton telling detective his only intention was to steal the shoes after trying them on.

Cosby and Walton are both charged with second-degree murder, robbery, and attempted murder and are being held without bond.


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