Swedish father could be jailed for beating up pedophile


A pedophile has admitted to sexually assaulting children while working at a pre-school in Stockholm county.

The man, in his 40s, is suspected of taking pictures of the children at the pre-school where he worked, and also having indecent images of minors at his home.

In 2014, the suspect sexually assaulted a child at the same pre-school. The man admitted to the crimes, however, he was set free by the court.

And it was then it happened.

After the pedophile had returned home, an angry parent showed up at his house. The pedophile thought it was the police, so he opened the door.

However, the person at the door was a dad who had a child that attended the pre-school.

The pedophile says that he was attacked, and that he was hit and kicked several times and was pushed to the floor.

“I got a knee in my left cheek so that I blacked out” he said during questioning.

He recognized the attacker as a parent. The parent grapped his throat and threatened to kill the pedophile if he had “touched” his child.

“I felt very threatened and also feared for my family because he mentioned my family” he said.

The parent admitted to police that he had been at the house, but said he didn’t remember much of what had happened.

“I just wanted to hear that he had not touched them, that is all I remember. That is the only thing I was thinking about” the parent said during questioning.

The parent said that his wife has had to go to a crisis centre after it was known that the pedophile had worked at the pre-school their child attended.

“This event has turned our lives upside down. I have been forced to take extra time off from work to help at home because my wife cannot manage to go to work and function normally” he said.

The parent is now being prosecuted for assault and threats, and is now risking prison after attacking the pedophile.

The prosecutor in the case against the pedophile did appeal the decision to let him go free. Shortly after being attacked in his home by the parent, the pedophile was again arrested after the court reversed the original decision.



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