28 February, 2021


British renewable energy ‘sets new record in 2020’

Drax Electric Insights says clean power generated more electricity than fossil fuels for the first time. Last year was...

New British satellite propulsion test facility to open

A new “gold standard” national rocket test facility will soon open its doors, Science Minister Amanda Solloway has announced.

Plans advance for first orbital rocket launch from British soil

The project, known as the UK Pathfinder Launch, is planned to be the first-ever vertical small satellite launch from UK soil,...

Suspected hypothermia deaths in homes mount in Texas

DALLAS — With the snow and ice clearing in Texas after days of unusually cold temperatures, bodies are being found of people who likely...

COVID-19: More people now vaccinated in the UK than have tested positive for virus

A further 1,295 coronavirus-related deaths are announced, bringing the UK's total to more than 88,000. More than 3.5 million...

America’s Moderna COVID-19 vaccine causes swelling and inflammation in patients who have cosmetic facial...

The FDA advisory committee reviewing the new Moderna vaccine has noted a specific side effect involving several trial participants who have cosmetic...