2 July, 2020


Sweden has higher coronavirus death rate than US after refusing lockdown

Sweden has reported a higher death rate than the US after controversially refusing lockdown measures to ward off the coronavirus pandemic, according to the...

British scientists create coronavirus antibody test with ‘99.8% accuracy and results in 35 minutes’

UK scientists have developed a new coronavirus antibody test which they say produces results in 35 minutes with 99.8 per cent accuracy.

US Reports deadliest day for coronavirus patients as states reopen, according to WHO

The U.S. saw 2,909 people die of Covid-19 in 24 hours, according to the data, which was collected as of 4 a.m....

Asia’s ‘murder hornet’ found in America for first time

Now, deadly hornets from Asia that measure up to 2 inches long have been found for the first time in the US...

A slice of the moon for sale: just £2 million

LONDON - One of the world’s largest lunar meteorites goes on private sale at Christie’s on Thursday, valued at 2 million pounds...

6 monkeys given an experimental coronavirus vaccine from Oxford did not catch COVID-19 after...

Monkeys given an experimental vaccine from the University of Oxford appear to have resisted the novel coronavirus.Six rhesus macaques given hAdOx1 nCoV-19...