Royal Marines ‘shoot down’ US Marine Corps Cobra gunships


Royal Marines recently ‘engaged’ US Marine Corps in Mojave Desert as part of a training exercise.

Royal Marines from 40 Commando’s Charlie Company were formed into teams of 12 commandos and were tasked to ‘wreak havoc’ on opposing US Marine Corps forces.

The commando teams – named Teal 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 – were mobilised after a period of battle preparation, which saw everything not matching the desert palette painted tans and browns, from fuel cans to camouflage nets.

Royal Marines in the US

Teal 31 and 32 were dispatched first into Hidalgo, with the former spotting a patrol of light armoured vehicles from their observation posts and destroying two of them with their anti-tank weapon, the Javelin missile launcher.

The team soon turned their attentions to a mortar line and command post, destroying both, with observers – who collect data on the exercise – giving a 75% kill ratio say the MoD.

Teal 33 also reportedly caused havoc of their own, ‘shooting down’ two AH-1V Cobra gunships with the Javelin, before ambushing enemy armour in which three light armoured vehicles, two Humvees and four trucks were ‘destroyed’ along with dozens of mock casualties.

According to the news release:

“This was part of the unscripted warfighting exercise for which Charlie Company were acting as unconventional enemy forces, tasked and equipped to disrupt their adversary at every turn. The commando teams operated around Hidalgo City, a huge town otherwise known as Range 220 that was purpose-built for desert urban training exercises and is one of the largest such facilities in the world.

There, they blended into their environment and created chaos, destroying advancing enemy armoured vehicles, mortar lines, command posts and aircraft using a range of weaponry and developing Future Commando Force tactics to great effect. Alongside a US Army Special Forces team, the commandos held Hidalgo City – near Twentynine Palms in California – until their mock enemy had exhausted all options and combat power.”

This main exercise followed intensive training 7,000ft up in the mountains at the Mountain Training Warfare Centre at Pickel Meadow, northwest of Bridgeport, California. 


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