Refugee Serial Rapist Will Not Be Deported From Sweden Because He Arrived As A Child


The man, now in his late 20’s, cannot be sent home given the length of time he has remained in country

A Burundian man, who has been convicted of multiple sexual assault cases in Sweden, has had his deportation blocked because he entered the country as a child refugee.

Bashiri Sahabu, 29, has been accused and convicted of a string of eight depraved sexual assaults, including rape.

Sahabu came to Sweden via Tanzania, a neighboring country to Burundi, in 2005 as a 15-year-old child refugee.

Since he arrived as a minor–a child refugee–he cannot be deported despite the number of his convictions or severity of his crimes, despite the prosecutor’s intentions to deport the convicted sex offender, according to Fria Tider.

Furthermore, Sahabu doesn’t have Swedish citizenship, is not married, and has no family members in Sweden. Regardless, as Sahabu entered Sweden as a minor, he is reportedly not eligible for deportation.

Apart from theft, drug charges, and other offenses, Sahabu appears to be indiscriminate in his choice of sexual victims–as he attempted to rape a man on a train, forced a disabled woman to perform oral sex on him on a bus, attempted to rape a woman on a train, and groped an 11-year-old girl’s legs before following the girl and her grandmother until he was detained by travel staff.

On another occasion, he attempted to rape a hotel receptionist, but was thwarted when staff and guests walked in on the assault as the attacked receptionist screamed.

Sahabu was sentenced to two years and nine months behind bars last Friday at Örebro District Court for his long list of offenses.

One of the most shocking of Sahabu’s crimes was when he harassed and groped a disabled woman. As Fria Tider reports:

It is the night of February 10 this year that a 55-year-old woman takes the night bus between Örebro and Arlanda Airport. The woman, who is deaf, has visual difficulties, is disabled and has difficulty moving, should go abroad to visit her boyfriend. She sits far behind in the bus.

Suddenly a man comes and sits on the bus seat next to her. It’s 29-year-old Bashiri Sahabu. Bashiri begins to approach the woman. He kisses her, tries to pull off her trousers, grabs her and puts his fingers into her abdomen. Towards the end of the journey, shortly before the bus arrives at Arlanda, Bashiri grabs the woman’s head and puts her genitals in her mouth.

It’s dark in the bus. The woman is physically weak, feels disgusted and sees how one of the other men in the back of the bus is in the company of Bashiri and does “high five” with him after the oral rape. Although several passengers are witnesses to the abuses, and in later police interviews they say that they understood that something was not right, no one intervenes.

This most recent blocked deportation is yet another case of Sweden’s internationally-renowned justice system to hand soft punishments to foreign-born criminals.

Teenage migrants, who kidnapped and tortured a 15-year-old boy, recently avoid jail sentences on account of their age.

A woman faced an attempted murder charge after stabbing her rapist, on another occasion.


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