Police: Illegal Immigrant Kenyan nurse investigated for thousands of potential murders in US hospitals


In a story that has received very little national exposure, a 46-year-old Kenyan healthcare worker has been arrested on accusations that he murdered 12 women by smothering them with a pillow before making off with tens of thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry. Now, because of his modus operandi, authorities are looking into other cases that fit his way of operating.

Authorities in the Dallas, Texas area are investigating between 750 and 1000 deaths that occurred in Dallas area assisted-living facilities or at the victim’s home while receiving in-home health care.

Billy Chemirmir, who is not in the country legally, was a nurse in Kenya. In Texas, he was a home healthcare aide, who sometimes posed as a maintenance man to get into victim’s residences. Allegedly, by the time he would leave, they were dead, smothered by a pillow. Investigators said he would then make his way to a pawnshop to offload the jewelry he just stole.

Billy Chemirmir (pictured), 46, who is suspected of being involved with more than 1,000 unexplained deaths in Texas, has been charged with 12 murders.

Police were able to close in on Chemirmir after he failed to actually kill them.

Two of his victims passed out from the smothering but were revived my medical personnel. Those two victims were able to provide the authorities with enough detail to not only identify Chemirmir, but also to tie him to hundreds of other similar occurrences in and around Dallas and Collin counties in north Texas.

Charged with the murders of Lu Thi Harris, Phyllis Payne, Norma French, Doris Gleason, Phoebe Perry, Rosemary Curtis, Mary Brooks and five others who have not yet been identified, Chemirmir is currently sitting in a Dallas jail with bail set at $11.6 million. He is also charged with 3 counts of attempted murder. All these victims were between the ages 76 and 92.

Chemirmir allegedly smothered his victims and then robbed them.

He is also facing immigration related charges, as he been in the US since 2003. By 2004, his visa had expired, and he was not legally residing inside the country. Aside from his immigration issues, he began racking up a detailed list of legal problems. Chemirmir has multiple DWI arrests and convictions, arrests and convictions for trespassing and assault, and now 12 counts of murder. Each of these murders took place between May of 2016 and March of 2018.

The Conservative Review provides a timeline of Chemirmir’s presence here in the US.

Nine of the victims were residents of the same assisted-living facility in North Dallas, Tradition-Prestonwood.

He was seen on surveillance video fleeing the scene of one of the attempted murders and became a person of interest for the authorities. The next day, as they were serving a warrant, he was caught disposing of the personal affects of one if his previous victims. 

If convicted, Dallas County prosecutors are considering pursuit of the death penalty for Chemirmir. 

His attorney, Phillip Hayes, said Thursday that this week’s charges were a surprise and that he hadn’t had time to review them yet.

“These cases came out of the blue and I don’t have any information on them yet,” he said.

He did note however, that Chemirmir “has denied it since Day 1” that he played any role in Harris’ death. “They have circumstantial evidence that puts him in the area but that’s as far as the evidence goes,” Hayes said.


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