Need a new Minecraft server for both Java and Bedrock users? Check out CoppitCraft


Minecraft servers are a dime a dozen, but CoppitCraft is a vanilla Minecraft server that not only is ran by YouTuber Coppit, but also has a friendly backbone of a community that welcomes Java and Bedrock users alike.

Jack Morton, the man behind the Coppit channel, is still finding his feet in the YouTube scene after coming back from a 3-4 year break from creating content on the platform. At 15,000 subscribers though, he’s not exactly a small fish in the ever growing pond of YouTube.

He runs the CoppitCraft server with his long term friend InfernalDevice, who he has made Minecraft series with since at least 2015.

It’s a semi-vanilla server, with nice aspects with protected plots for your hard earned valuables, a voting crate to gain nice little perks, and a rank system to make life easier with things like /set home.

If you want the full vanilla experience though? Just head straight out into the wilderness and you can be as vanilla as you like.

The CoppitCraft server occasionally runs events too, which are broadcast to Coppit’s subscribers. Christmas 2021 saw a build battle of Christmas themed builds all built in survival, Easter 2022 is scheduled for an Easter egg hunt, and a PVE last man standing arena battle in the desert.

The discord server is full of interesting and friendly characters from all over the world, meaning you’ll always find someone to help you or just point you in the right direction when you need it most.

Check out the CoppitCraft Server Trailer below.

Be sure to follow Jack on Instagram.

Click here to join the Discord.


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