Migrant Gang Stomp On Girl’s Head In Brutal Assault In Sweden


A video from Sweden has emerged showing a girl being horrifically attacked by a gang.

The video shows how the gang is attacking a lone girl while repeatedly stomping on her head and kicking her body.

Samnytt was the first to report on this, and published the video from the attack.

The video is reported to have been filmed in the beginning of February and uploaded by on the popular social media platform Snapchat.

In the video several people can be seen attacking the girl, and someone shouting “kill her wallah”.

Earlier we reported about a new trend in Sweden where youngsters are involved in sadistic robberies, in which attackers commit horrifying and humiliating acts on their victims.

It was also recently revealed who the gangs in Sweden are that police have on their focus list.

The last years Sweden has increasingly been terrorized by criminal gangs, which has caused police to start Operation Rimfrost to tackle the gang violence.



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