Mexican Police filmed loading ‘Migrant Caravan’ onto trucks headed for US border


What was a hotly contested and debated topic during the midterms the subject of the “Migrant Caravan” has since gone cold.

President Trump has ceased tweeting about it, and mainstream news networks have steered clear too. However this has led to Mexican police and other nationals becoming incentivised to complete their objectives while the media shy’s away from their actions.

In a video that has been circulating online today, Mexican police are seen to be physically loading Migrant Caravan vehicles and people on to trucks headed for the US border, deliberately aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

It is unclear how long this practice has been in force, but it is likely one that has been going on for sometime and one which is being used to move all those migrants from Mexico, to America.

In the video the federal police are heard to be “trying to help us”.

Vean la denuncia que hacen camioneros que se han topado a la #CaravanaMigrante. Policía Federal y Derechos Humanos les facilita subirse a tráileres

Posted by Alfredo Alvarez on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Often cited “Mexican collusion” or “Mexican corruption” or recently as blatant as “Foreign invasion” the actions of the police in Mexico can only be described as an attack on the United States, and one that needs to be addressed.



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