HMS Queen Elizabeth passes through the Suez Canal for first time


The first passage of HMS Queen Elizabeth through the Suez Canal is taking place.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group are entering phase two of their global deployment.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her F-35 jets recently joined the fight against Islamic State, with the jets carrying out the very first combat missions ever flown from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

What is the UK Carrier Strike Group doing?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the deployed flag ship for Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21), a deployment that will see the ship and her escorts sail to the Asia-Pacific and back.

The Carrier Strike Group includes ships from the United States Navy, the Dutch Navy, and Marines from the US Marine Corps. As well as British frigates, destroyers, a submarine, two RFA supply ships and air assets from 617 Sqn, 820 NAS, 815 NAS and 845 NAS.

The Carrier Strike Group.

CSG21 will see the ship along with the Strike Group work with over 40 countries from around the world. The Strike Group will operate and exercise with other countries Navies and Air Forces during the 7 month deployment.


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