French Pro-Migrant Activist Raped by Moroccan Migrant


A female French pro-migrant activist has accused a Moroccan migrant–who is also a pro-migrant activist–of raping her.

The woman was allegedly raped in a mobile home parked at a Les Palominos beach campsite, near Calais–home of the infamous migrant camp for migrants wishing to gain access to the UK, which was previously destroyed.

Medical Student, Audrey Coignard, 27, was stabbed to death on September 16th allegedly by a man believed to be an immigrant and ex-partner who was staying at her home.

Coignard was brutally stabbed fourteen times and found in a pool of her own blood at her home in Saint-Ouen, near Paris.

Coignard, a medical student in Caen, volunteered for activist causes, offering assistance to migrants at different locations in Normandy, Northern France.

According to the local outlet, Ouest-France:

Former medical student at the University of Caen, she was also very committed to migrants from Caen and Ouistreham “she helped and treated.” A tribute could be paid to him in the coming days in Caen and a Leetchi kitty has already been opened to support the family. Colleagues of the young woman greet “an adorable woman” and a professional “who invested 300% in everything in which she believed”.

Aside from providing direct assistance to migrants, Coignard had also worked for causes opposing deportations.


  1. Well, I know we’re not supposed to “blame the victim” but come on, now. She picked the wrong side, supported these savages, and then one predictably attacks her. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • She saved an innocent female from being assaulted thanks to HER actions. She is Islamophobic and Xenophobic for crying rape imo. Tolerance and equal opportunity is what he was taking advantage of from her and she would have been racist for not obliging him and denying him that right. Why isn’t she embracing tolerance when this happened? What a Nazi she is and she should be hunted down like one and given jail time for her racist actions. KARMA NEVER SLEEPS.

  2. I personally find it Islamophobic that she cried assault. She actually helped an innocent female from going through this and took care of the job herself which I’m very grateful she did. I thought “tolerance” and “equal opportunity” was their thing? I guess only when it effects other people huh? Now she got a taste of what our European families go through because of her Europhobic open border MASS migration stance that she willingly pushed on us. KARMA NEVER SLEEPS.

    • Her Europhobic open border MASS migration stance which is really just a Trojan Horse style invasion packaged and wrapped in seemingly harmless and innocent cool and trendy words like “inclusion for all to come to Europe” and “Diversity and equal oppurtunity for the world to come to Europe to take advantage of the people, culture, wealth and homelands there all the while bringing in violence to the natives.” Colonization was seen as “bad” when the Brits did it, today’s it’s seen as cool and trendy. Violence on natives was seen as bad when the Brits, French, Spanish etc did it but today it’s just ignored and if you try to call out the violence on your people, you get put in the same box as “Hitler.” WOW! Was African Americans also called “Hitler” when advocating for their people during slavery and Jim Crow era? How isn’t that seen as “nazism” today but us advocating for our people is? Smh

  3. I do love a good story and I need more of these to keep coming please. The more the merrier!! That is MY right to find these appealing so don’t come for me in the comment sections please. You WILL respect me.


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