Censorship on Wikipedia and Neil S Walker


Wikipedia has never ever been a reliable source of knowledge, that much has always been clear, but what is the reason why?

Well, mostly because the English Wikipedia is curated by a select group of moderators or “admins” who patrol new pages and recent changes like lonely men residing in basements because their mother has banished them there or their wives are too unattractive to be around. These “admins” get to choose in effect what makes it to an article and what does not, usually something too controversial or something deemed “unmentionable” like American grooming gangs for example, are quickly removed and users who have discussed them promptly banned, even when they have a good edit history.

An example of one of these patrollers is Neil S Walker, his real name not an alias like so many “admins” use when they silence valid users for topics they deem too far from their narrative. Now Neil falls under the aforementioned category, he lived in Waltham Cross, post code
EN8 7AP and he spends a good deal of his time on Wikipedia censoring with others. His reasons? well his wife is one of those reasons no doubt, he isn’t confined to a basement but she’s of such calibre I would no doubt spend my time online too.

Nichola seen here, Neil’s wife

Regardless, it seems rampant censorship on Wikipedia has existed for some time, even as far back as 2011 with infamous users such as Slimvirgin, a regular “sockpuppet” who reverted numerous good edits consistently.

Neil S Walker

It seems that if you do not follow the dictated agenda on Wikipedia then you are not deemed worthy of a voice, anything regarding abuse of young girls or young boys in America? quickly covered up, in all likelyhood because most “admins” are American and will not have their beloved country spoken poorly of, but Britain? you can say whatever you like.

Fortunately, they have those like Neil S Walker who are self loathing Brits helping them. All in all though it is unlikely that Wikipedia will ever change, it is far past the point of no return, with no oversight and no repercussions it will eventually fade into irrelevancy and nothing but an unreliable source as it began and remains today.


  1. I changed an incorrect fact on Wikipedia, which I know what I changed is true as I was present at the time, only for it to be taken down by a thing named Neil s walker who incidentally lives 100 miles away.
    Upon researching him I’ve found that this is a regular occurrence with him who knows nothing.


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