10 Best Games with Romance Options


We know why you’re here, ever been deciding what game to play based up on what romance options you have, and what characters you can have a relationship with? Well you’ve come to the right place. In this article we look at the top 10 best games with romance options.

Some players buy games because they enjoy intense firefights with other players competing over who can get the most kills, or maybe who can defuse a bomb fast enough. Others like to play on virtual pitches to decide who’s the better football pro and if they can bury penalties in the top corner. For most though, role playing games, or RPGs, are the most popular. They’re popular for numerous reasons, but one of the most compelling is the ability to not only adventure around an open world, but decide how your love life can go, in this article we will look at the 10 best games with romance options.

10. Harvest Moon

In the farming simulator Harvest Moon romance options are abound a plenty, the game not only lets you raise multiple livestock, forage for berries and fish but also allows different romantic relationships. For you to be able to actually have these romantic relationships you must first build up a high enough level of affection with any NPC you are interested in, once you have built that up you can go ahead and begin your attempts to woo them. Once you discover what they desire most, or what crisis they may need resolving, you can gift it to them to increase your loves affection and win the heart of the NPC of your dreams.

9. Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening provides a different dynamic to romantic bonds. You spend the game battling alongside your potential lover Chrom, the bond being formed more from actions rather than dialogue. If soldiers spend a lot of time on the battlefield together then their relationship will grow closer and closer up until they begin some very deep conversations. Chrom, the Lord of the game seems the perfect spouse for those that enjoy romantic options in games, he’s fantastically organised, the storyline falls in place brilliantly and you even have the option for having children together.

8. Catherine

With one game on the list already with only a male romantic option it’s time we had one with only female options. In Catherine you can choose between two different women who will dictate the end of your story, Catherine or Katherine. You play Vincent, a hardworking man who has to make a difficult choice. Does he stay committed to his sweet girlfriend Katherine, or does he decide to break off and start a new life with the rebellious seductress Catherine. In order to make this very trying decision you have the option of answering a multitude of questions and even send them texts, allowing you to make the final call, in the end you’ll get an innocent relationship or a full blown passion smoothie.

7. Persona 4

It’s only right that we go from one game where you can only romance male characters, to only female characters, to being to romance well, pretty much everyone. In the Japanese RPG Persona 4, the romance evolves in a special organic way, similar to real-life romances. You are able to go on dates with those that you like, marking them for long period of times in game, as well as provoking feelings of sexual insecurity. Persona 4 allows you to truly immerse yourself in the role-playing genre and play out all the variations of romance you’ve ever thought of.

6. Metal Gear Solid III

Metal Gear Solid pits you, the mysterious and dangerous Snake, against many different enemies over a series of missions that bring you and Eva, the only romantic interest in the game, together. You meet Eva in Tselinoyarsk, during the mission called Operation Snake Eater. During this, you develop a passionate relationship that grows over subsequent missions together. The relationship will go on to grow so much that a naked you and Eva will enjoy a cutscene in a cave behind a waterfall that will definitely leave you hot and bothered.

5. Life is Strange

One of my favourites on the list, Life is Strange is a fantastically developed game with a compelling story and even better romantic options. You play Max, a photography student who’s extremely complex and your decisions will affect the very outcome of the game itself. Depending on how you play you’ll have the option to either kiss Chloe and open up multiple paths in gameplay that lead to a different ending, or you can choose Warren as your love and proceed on an entirely different destiny. Either way, the game offers a deep and immersive story that’s great for any RPG lover.

4. Dragon Age – Inquisition

Unlike the other Dragon Age games in the beloved Bioware series where you were only able to romance the companions available to you, this installment in the series gives you the ability to flirt with any character you wish. Once you’re set on the one your heart desires the relationship is “locked” meaning no other engagements can be made until you “split up” with your current love interest to pursue another. Whether you choose to play as a girl or guy will affect your potential romances, Cassandra and the eccentric Dorian are the options for the guys, while Blackwall and Sera for the girls.

3. Skyrim

Skyrim, the game that’s gone through as many re-releases as Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation is a game that will always feature high on lists regarding pretty much any metric in gaming, and romance is no different. Skyrim has a wonderfully wide and diverse world full of monsters of all shapes and sizes, and love interests of all races and creed. In the game you can choose to court any one of them you desire, even going so far as to flirt, marry, and with one of the released DLCs you can adopt children together from the orphanage. The game has multiple levels of depth, a fascinating main story-line, great companions, and even scary flying things called dragons.

2. Mass Effect

When it comes to diversity and variation, you can’t go wrong with the Mass Effect trilogy. The only game in this list where romance options aren’t just different races and different creeds but different species altogether. As Commander Shepard you are able to dictate your romantic future with various dialogue options that lead to intimate conversations that culminate in some very steamy cutscenes indeed. The third installment, Mass Effect III has no less than 11 different options to choose from. What’s even more impressive about this series is that the romance choices you get evolve from game to game, adding a level of depth rarely seen in the industry.

1. The Witcher

So the moment we have all been waiting for, the best game with romance options, well to those who have played it, it won’t come as a surprise. In the Witcher you play Geralt, a silver haired and silver tongued master swordsman that defeats monsters and woos maidens for fun. The major love interests for you in this game are Triss Merigold the gorgeous red head and Yennefer of Vengerberg who’s as stunning as she sounds exotic. But, besides those lovely ladies there are multiple others you can romance and get jiggy with too. In the end you’ll either have to settle for one or try and romance both, but don’t blame us when that ends in the way you might not expect. In any case, The Witcher is the best game that combines tremendous story with tremendous romance options, it’s a must have.


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